• Subtitling

    Don’t allow screenwriters’ wits to escape you! Our subtitling specialists handle every script with care. Their mission is to let viewers enjoy all the humor, drama, action, or depth that screenwriters strive to create. So, viewers can rest assured they will be taken on one extremely entertaining TV roller coaster.
  • Dubbing

    Let your screen speak your language! With widely experienced voice actors who can grasp the right intonation and accurately preserve script intensity, you can enjoy every TV hour tailored to suit your culture and your taste.
  • Voice Over

    Choose the voice talent that best conveys your message from the extensive voice samples that we provide. English, Arabic, French, and Spanish have never sounded better! With extreme attention to pronunciation and nuance, our linguistic consultants are always present to make sure every word is being valued.
  • Transcription

    Seize every meaning! You might not hear every word, but you can sure read it. So, be it audio or video, our linguists will surely capture every single word of your file and put it on paper so that you do not miss a thing.